3rd scan. help!

hi all and bumps. had a middy midwife appt yesterday during wich she told me that im measuring big for my dates and had been for a while but other docs failed to mention this to me i thought my measurements were always normal. so now i have to go fora growth scan to check that im not giving birth to a gorrila lol even tho, apparently they wont change my due date or induce me if hes bigger than?older than he should be????? anyone else ever had this?? im really confused!! :\?


  • Im measuring 35wks and Im 31wks so having a gloucose test on tuesday if that comes back ok then they are sending me for a growth scan had this with my last lo and she weighed 9lb 5oz which is a good size so not worrying really
  • I had the same thing, dont worry! A large baby can be a sign of diabeties so you should have a glucose test done.
    My 2nd baby was 9lb2 and Im now due on 23rdNov with my third. I had a third scan and it turns out this baby is going to be about 9.5lbs. Docs gave me the option of trying to start the labour off on 22nd with a sweep or breaking my waters. I wouldn't worry about it too much as they probably wont do anything. You may just be carrying a lot of water, and the scan isnt 100% accurate in determining babys size anyway.
  • I'm measuring big too. I had a scan last week which showed babys size is fine, but I've got loads of fluid! The relief was overwhelming - I didin't want to be giving birth to ten-tonne-tess!! Try not to worry x
  • hi,

    I'm only 9 weeks so dont know how useful i can be but when i saw a midwife this week they said that the the size of the baby is only an accurate indicator of due date in the first trimester (because the gene that determines how long baby is doesn't develop till later on) so that's probably why they wouldn't change your due date at your stage.

    i'm sure there's nothing to worry about. Good luck.
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