What's the yolk sac??

Hi everyone, can you help me?
We went for a scan at the weekend as some of you may know. Although I'm only 10 weeks we got to see quite a lot, and the baby was moving about like crazy! Was told everything looks fine. I saw a big blob and asked the lady what it was and she said it was the baby's yolk sac and described it as it's 'lunchbox'. I am confused as I thought the baby used the placenta??! Can someone explain what the yolk sac is for me??!
Thanks x


  • Y'know - I've got no idea!! I saw that on my scan notes (I was 9 weeks). "Yolk sac - present" or something. I'm sure whatever it is, it's normal!
    Philippa 26 wks x
  • The yolk sac is there before the baby if you know what I mean. I had an early scan at 5 weeks and all they could see was the yolk sac. I asked them what it was and she explained it pretty much the same as you've written rosered.
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