Metal taste in mouth?

Hey Girls,

I vagly remember it being something that can happen pregnancy - but i've not had it before I don't think but i've got a really strong yaste of metal in my mouth! whats it from and what is it meant to mean? x


  • I dont think it actually means anything, just an early symton of pregnancy. I had it really bad and actually still get it sometimes at 28wks. I used to drink lots to help it- fresh apple juice (pressed not concentrate) would help me.
  • Grr, BE ate my reply!!

    Found some info online:
    The cause for the metallic taste is unknown for many women, though many doctors believe that the taste may come from the use of prenatal vitamins. Prenatal vitamins are very metallic tasting by their very nature, so if you are not accustomed to taking vitamins, you might find that you experience a very metallic taste. Simply taking your vitamin with food or changing the time of day when you take your vitamin may solve the taste issue. Other women find that they simply need to take the vitamins for a couple of weeks and then the taste goes away for good.

    From this article:

  • I read it was from increased oestrogen, and to drink strong drinks like orange juice to help take the taste away. xx
  • I had a really horrible taste in my mouth even before I knew I was pregnant and must have only been about 3 weeks gone and wasnt taking any vitamin supplements at that time. Not sure why it happens but it cleared up in a couple of weeks.
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