anyone else had this???

Maybe am just being completely paranoid but am 10 1/2 weeks ish and have been having slight stomach cramps that feel like period pains, but less painful, for the last couple of days. (Hope that makes sense). Just wondering if anyone else has had this and if it's normal or not. Got scan on Monday...can't wait to find out if everything is ok or not. want this baby so much am convincing myself of the worst. oh working away this week which isn't helping!

Sorry to be negative
Claire x


  • I had this, also at around this time, i mentioned it to midwife & was told it was just muscles stretching. I also spoke to my friend about it who was pregnant at the time & she said she'd had these pains too. My baby is now 6months old but i now mention it to friends if they tell me that they are expecting for first time as i wish someone had told me about it so i didn't worry myself stupid for first few weeks!
  • Thanks mouse for your reassurance. hopefully all is well and next monday, scan day, will be a happy one!!
    Claire x
  • Thankyou zoey85. Its good to know others have had the same thing and all is well.
    Claire x
  • i got this to clairen, still do sumtimes im 30 +1 now, i was told its just stretching, im sure its fine xx
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