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Hi All, ok, I am probably being stupid but I am worried about my lack of bump size. 19 weeks today and really there is not a lot there. I am feeling bubbles but thought they would be stronger by now, and also thought I would be showing a lot more by now too! At the moment, I seem to worry about something or another all the time - always baby related, and bump size is the latest. I know everyone is different, and those with big bumps will be wishing they had smaller and visa versa, but I am desperate to at least look pregnant, seeing as I don't feel it!
Anyone else like this?
Humph - feeling a bit flat today and it is only 6.43am!
Little Toad xx


  • hi little toad!
    no bump,wow! i can understand your feeling a bit humph......what does the midwife say?


  • i wasnt showing much at 19wks either little toad...im 26wks now and i am starting to resemble a barrell....the bump will come x
  • Thanks for your replies ladies. Have not spoken to Midwife yet but have 20 week scan next week so will ask then, although I am sure they will say everyone is different etc. I just hope baby is ok and the right size. I am keeping really active, perhaps a bit too much to be honest, going to the gym every other day, long walks, cleaning the car etc. So maybe it has something to do with that? Tummy muscles have always been really strong and so maybe they are helping to hold it all in? Haven't put any excess weight on so maybe I am just lucky with the rest of it and the outcome is slow arrival of bump? Just wish it would appear soon. x
  • I felt exactly the same as you and didn't get a noticeable bump until about 21/22 weeks. Even then it was small and its only now that I'm really showing! Its weird how some people show so early on and others not at all but your bump will come image

    Bec 28+4 x
  • I didn't have any bump untill around 22 weeks when pregnant with my son. You couldn't even tell I was pregnant! Then all of a sudden it exploded, you could really see a difference each day, it was bizzarre!
    This time by 12 weeks, I looked like I was not far off giving birth!
    Everyone and even every pregnancy is different, the bump will come im sure!!
    Try not to worry.
    Naomi xx
  • I too was like you, i didnt have bump untill about 22 weeks then it just appeared all hard! I didnt feel any movement untill 24 weeks and it was really irregular and some days i would have none! Mw said its because its my first so dont know what im feeling for she also said that bump size has nothing to do with the size of your baby as they measure the height of the uterus to gauge babys size. Once i got to 30 weeks my bump doubled in size and it feels like hes gonna pop though my tummy any time as his kicks are so strong!

    Good luck at your scan
    Jennie 31+3
  • With my little girl I didnt start showing until about 20ish weeks, just all of a sudden I had a bump. This time I am showing much sooner!

    I was told by my mw that the baby could have been lying towards my back so that would explain the lack of bump.

    Dont worry huni your bump will come soon.

    AnneMarie xx
  • Hiya,
    I was just like you at your stage - I went to Gran Canaria at 18/19 weeks and just looked slightly curvier in my bikini, no bump whatsoever really. I didn't actually get a proper pregnancy bump till around Christmas when I was 27 weeks or so and ppl still tell me now how tiny I am for 34 weeks!

    Dont panic, we all grow at different rates and some of us show much less than others - you are by no means alone!!!

  • I didn't show with my first until about 24 weeks. Midwife said I had strong tummy muscles!! Don't worry. Your midwife would soon let you know if she thought anything was wrong! Enjoy your preg if you can xxxx
  • With this one I got a huge bump overnight at about 23 wks, I really wouldnt worry, you'll probably wake up tomorrow with this huge bump ;lol
  • I was expecting to show straight away which just shows my lack of knowledge! Its hard being a first time mum isn't it we panic about everything! I am only 13 weeks and obviously nothing yet atall.
  • I was like you, a little paranoid that i wasnt showing at 19/20 weeks, my bump started making an appearance at about 21/22 weeks just all of a sudden it was there. Like most of the others say you will wake up one morning to your long awaited bump lol. I have always been tall and slim so even just a slight bump has make me feel like i really look pregnant if that make sense. Hope your bump appears soon Little Toad :\)


    23 weeks today
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