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London Underground when pregnant

Hi ladies,

I am 10 weeks pregnant, and spend about 2.5 a day on the London Underground during rush hour and its getting increasingly difficult standing for such a long time just becuase I keep feeling dizzy, and get really hot! Plus im worried about knocking my tiny little bean!

Just wondered if anyone has a 'baby on board' badge? I wanted to know how you got one, and at what stage you got one (as to strangers I prob just look fat!).

Thank you! x


  • Hi!
    I am 15 weeks pregnant, not much of a bump yet but struggle on the tube-mainly due to tired legs and feeling sicky! I do notice people looking at my belly but im sure they are wondering whether its a baby bump or just fat! haha!
    I plucked up the courage last night at my station for a bump on board badge but they had run out!!!??? but the lady told me to ask at a bigger station
    I wonder if people will actually look up from their papers to notice it anyway!!!
  • Hey Hun

    I dont have one yet but I think you can get them from any ticket office at the station

    I made sure I got a seat the other day and pushed out my tummy sitting there rubbing it so I felt justified!

  • I am 27+4 now - I am quite lucky and always get a seat as I work outside of peak hours (8.30am - 4.30pm). BUT on 3 occassions where I didnt get a seat NOBODY offered me their seat and I am quite clearly pg now!

    I was going to get a badge but now I am at the stage that I am sooo tired that I will ASK someone to get up!! lol

    I wld get a badge if I was back at the 12 week stage as I didnt look pg at all until about 22 weeks!!

    GET ONE!! xxxxxx

    MKB 27+4
  • Hi,

    Coincidently I was offered a seat this morning but didn't take it. I was feeling fine - wasn't too hot and crowded and only going 3 stops. I was very grateful for the guy for offering though. I'm only 20 weeks and slowly showing but depends on what I'm wearing to whether people notice.

    I once saw a pregnant woman get on a train look at a guy and demand he give her a seat. (He didn't have a chance to see her and offer it himself!) I thought this was rather rude and up front of her. I certainly would have noticed her and offered my seat. I know it can be very difficult to get peoples attention though and even worse when you aren't showing but feeling really tired.

    I think the best solution is to get on, stick the stomach out - see if anyone notices and then loudly say - Does anyone want to be kind enough to give a pregnant woman a seat'. That way you come across as being polite, someone should give you a seat - not everyone is selfish - they just dont notice as engrossed with their reading material. And if no one gets up - then you have embarrased everyone in the carriage and peer pressure from another standee always helps!!
  • Im 35 +4 and I still have to stand up when on trains or buses. Im big but I also look very pregnant but a lot of people nowadays dont give their seats up.

    I was on the bus the other day when an elderly lady offered me her seat - she said loudly ''nowadays pregnant woman dont get the same treatment as they used to. shame on everyone for making you stand up''

  • Thanks ladies - interesting to read everyones experiences/thoughts...

    I guess there is always that taboo of whether to offer your seat or not, as unless they are obviously pregnant, you really dont want to offend anyone if they are not! Thats why the badges are a great idea, althogh I agree, not the most eyecatching things in the world! ...

    I have once been stood up next a heavily pregnant lady (before i was pregnant) and I could see everyone looking up, and then sheepishly raise their newspaper as if she wasnt there... If i was the woman, I would have definately asked for a seat!

    Thanks for your oppinions though ladies, I will certainly be grabbing a badge from the station on the way home!

  • Good idea to get a badge ladies! Some days i really struggle on the tube and im not big enough for anyone to offer yet, despite my best sticking out tummy! Ive just rung LU's cutomer services and they siad they would send me a badge today! 0845 330 9880)

    Em x
  • I didn't know the badge existed!! I hate the tube and try to avoid it whenever possible but do agree those first few months are when you most need that seat! I must admit I hate confrontation and have often been that heavily pregnant woman standing whilst everyone raises their paper.

    Good luck with your I'm going to carry on walking. x x

  • i would say myself from traveling on the tube in rush hour in previous pregnancies the sooner the better for the badges as people do look at you as tho you are just fat!
    and the few times i was heavily preg and no one offered me a seat i would ask and they would get up
    but on one occassion a man didnt and put his paper up higher so it was right in his face and couldnt see me so i ripped it out of his hand called him a few names and then threw his paper down the carrage [i felt like an idiot as it didnt go far, too many people and i i hit someone else ]but i got my seat !
    i think you have to be forcefull with these people
    at the mo im only 5 weeks so for me give it a few more weeks and then i will wear one!!
    good luck
  • emma-claire that made me giggle - good for you!!!

    what an asshole

  • Thanks Ems, luckily my station had them yesterday and the lovely old chap gave me 2!

    Emma-Clare - good for you hun... what a g!t... Must say, it seems male chivalry is lost as soon as you enter those underground barriers (not every man of course!) and to raise his paper when you asked him as you were pregnant is just a disgrace! Shame on him!

    Well I now have my badge, I sent a group email around my office today (im a team PA/Secretary for 50!) so at least I dont have to worry about someone spotting my badge on the way home now!!

    My doppler arrived yesterday, so i had a good listen and heard a very strong, fast heartbeat! image

    Everythings good! Just wish it was a few degree's cooler on the bl00dy tube now!! xx
  • I know! Wasnt it hot this morning....eughhhhh!!

    MKB 27+5 xxxxxx
  • Oh MKB I didnt even read my metro! I was too busy waving it around in front of my face for a bit of a breeze!!
  • Ladies, I'm overweight so my feet hurt, I feel hot and flustered like when your pregnant. So does that mean I deserve a seat in the same way you are expecting a seat?

  • Strange question to ask, if you're wanting a seat because you're exhausted, you ask.whether pregnant or not.

    Those that are pregnant will probably get it before you though but it don't stop your chances of a stranger being nice and letting you have their seat x

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