FAO: Pink toothbrush

Hey hey,

I know you have answered to my "Pains" thread but it won't let me read it image What did you say?



  • Oh my god, I didn't reply, but it says I did at something like 8.53am, doesn't it?! All I did was read your update! Very weird.

    So glad all's well - scary stuff. I can just imagine you puking on the nurses & then being mortified that you got it on their uniform! My best friend's a doc working on an obs & gynae ward at the mo and she said that's definitely the place to be puked and pooed on!

    No more poas for me. Lesson learned. :\)
  • Well done for not POAS image

    I felt awful for having no control over what was going on and I don't think the mw new what she was letting herself in for.

    How are you feeling today?

  • Sounds like good practice for when you give birth, not having any control over bodily functions! Do you feel ok now?

    I'm feeling much more positive today, thank you for asking :\) My new policy is I will not worry until I see blood - and I will not let that cross my mind until it actually happens as I am young and healthy and therefore more likely to have a normal pregnancy than otherwise. I thought I'd be done with needing PMA once I graduated from TTC but it seems not.

    Today I'm going to grout the floor of my shiny new porch which I tiled myself image, and then tidy and clean like mad in preparation for the in-laws' visit tomorrow (I love them to bits but their house is always so nice I feel a bit embarrassed of mine!)
  • I do feel ok now, I'm still getting the pains but choosing to ignore them.

    I remember when I was ttc (did so for 7 months) that I became completely obssesed with POAS and the thought of when I actually got pregnant would I have a misscarriage etc. You do need PMA the whole time cos it is what keeps you going.

    Well done for tiling, that sounds very modern women image when my in laws come round I just bleach everything until the house smells like a swimming baths lol.

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