Someone picked me up by the belly (also in DIM)

I was at a wedding on Saturday night and was dancing away. One of my drunken mates grabbed me from behind round the bottom of my belly right around where my new little mini bump is and picked me up holding really tight. I was so scared and pulled his hands apart straight away. Haven't had any bleeding or anything. Does anyone know how resiliant our little beans are at this stage (was 8+2) cos I'm a little worried. image Thanks xx


  • Hi hun,
    little bubs is tucked nice and safely behind your pubic bone still so no need to worry! i posted something a while back after our spaniel jumped on my stomach and was worrying. But don't worry, they're tucked away nice and safely xx
  • Try not to worry sweetie, easier said than done but at 8+2 your uterus is still quite tucked away and besides its tough and protective so i'm sure you are just fine. If it makes you feel any better i have a 4 year old , 2 1/2 year old and a 1 year old bouncing on my 25wk bump on a daily basis and my bump is fine (at least i hope so)..... Try not worry hunni but just goes to show that the protective mummy instinct kicks in early
    Jo xxx
  • don't worry love, as smudge smith said, ur little bean is still hidden down behind ur pubic bne at the even when the pop up a bit, they're very very cushiooned in their own little water bag so quite well protected in there xx
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