im going on a school overnight trip about 17th june. we are cycling one afternoon. im going to tell head im pregnant beginning of june which makes me 9/10 weeks pregnant cause we are meant to do caving!!!

is cycling ok?? knowing the head it will not be at a slow pace!!!



  • thanks the head is a he!!! ill try to get him on a good day!!!

  • think it's ok to cycle if you feel confident and be extra careful but if its over rough ground would be a bit wary of falling off
  • haha - if it's a male head he'll probably panic and make you go in a kiddie trailer or something! Take it easy but cycling should be fine - you don't want to overdo things though if you're not used to exerting yourself to this degree.

    Have fun (rather you than me!!)

    21 days to go
  • thanks girls!!!!

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