Being around someone with mumps

Hi Ladies
Was wondering if any of you know the answer to this question, my neice has the mumps, only found out yesterday. The thing is I was in contact with her on Thursday. Should I be worried, not sure what to do if anything?
PS - I'm just coming up for 34 weeks


  • Oh, i dont mean to worry you but i had mumps last year and i caught it from a friend who i was around for only half hour, please go to docs as you have mumps even before the symptoms start to show, if you do have mumps you have it a eek even before synptoms come out.
    I really dont wanna worry you but get it checked, dont know how or if it will affect you being pregnant in any way x x x
  • Oh dear, I was putting off calling the doctor as I am going to see my consultant on Thur. Maybe I should call then. I dont want to sound daft though I tried typing it into the web but it didn't tell me much
  • To be honest id go see your doctor before thursday, i really dont want to worry you but id get it checked, asw i said, you have mumps a week before symptoms even start. Look out for swelling of your jaw and face, earache, mine started with a feeling like swollen glands but behind its the glands behind your ears. I was given antibiotics for 14 days but obviously you cant have them. Did you have needle for mumps? If you did it wont be as bad, but if you didnt have it like me i was being physically sick with it. Please go to docs its not nice, dont think it should harm baby though not sure so dont take my advice 100% im just telling you what i had x x x
  • IMO it wont hurt to call your gp & explain your situation.

    I usually ask the receptionist to ask the doc for their opinion before I waste time making an appointment so try that. If they are worried then they will call you in, otherwise they will call back & say not to worry.

    At this stage in your pregnancy though your baby is pretty much fully developed so I wouldn't be too worried as things like this are supposed to be more risky in the early development states of gestation than later on, but no harm checking anyway.

    I have a friend with tb who was living with me in the early stages of pregnancy (when I didn't know I was preggers & even had a chest xray at 6 weeks) she has just told me she is infectious again but I haven't seen her for a coupleof months but it got me thinking about all the people we come in contact with daily & all the bugs,germs & diseases people have & you have no way of knowing about. So whenever I think about catching something when someoone tells me there is chicken pox going around, for example, I remind myself that I could have been around people the whole pregnancy who had various things & could have caught anything at any time. Beleive it or not, it puts things back in to prespective. image
  • Well ladies I called the midwife yesterday to see if she could tell me anything about the mumps.
    Its not that dangerous whilst pregnant there is nothing to say it can harm the baby. I am showing signs of having it but its just an infection (like a flu) and it will work is course, nothing I can take for it.
    She told me to go up to the hospital so I did and I was put on the monitor for 3 hours!!! Thr baby wasn't moving much and its heart rate was sitting below 140 for about an hour, according to the miwife they like to see it go up and down twice within a 20 min period and it wasn't!!!
    Anyway finally after about 5 glasses of freezing cold water the baby decides to wake up and they said I could go home.
    They think that seeing as I'm not well the baby will be unwell and thats why it was sleeping or lazy.
    Was told nothing to worry about, keep an eye on babies movements and if it slows down then I've to call them.
    By the way anyone know the old wifes tale about the heartrate whats it supposed to be if under 140 a boy or girl?
  • hi hope you feel better soon xx
  • Im so glad that it was checked and you&baby are ok, i hope you dont swell up, i looked like my hamster when he has food stored in his cheeks it looked hilarious!!
    Main thing is your ok, take care & get well soon i hope x x x
  • my sons heart rate is on the higher scale 166 bpm which is supposed to mean girl with the old tale, although his heart sounds like a train rather than a galloping horse,this theory i believe in lol but he has been confirmed a boy 3 times with willy pic to prove lol xx
  • Ha i have a picture of my baby boys bits aswell!!! I only asked for one so i could send it to my fiance. . sonographer thought i was mad.
    I only have my 12wk scan left as my 20 wk one was in bag when it was stolen image
    I have got a picture of my 20wk scan on my phone, wonder if i can somehow get it from my phone onto a picture?? Oh i do have a pictur of my babys head from his growth scan only his head could fit on as he is getting big!
  • There are many antibiotics that are safe to take while pregnant!!!!!!

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