SPD advice please??

Hi all,

I have been diagnosed as having SPD this morning, didn't come as much of a surprise really considering the amount of pain i've been in and its a relief to know i've got a reason i can barely walk so hubby knows i'm not just making the whole thing up! I was also suffering from alot of groin bump pain and was worried this was a problem with the baby ad never realised the two were linked.

Anyway, i've been given a support belt and bandage thingy, and some excesises to do and other advice by the phisio this morning (who was fab!) and have to go back next week to see how i'm getting on but she thinks i'll be on crutches.

I'm only 23 weeks and not very big yet so i know its only gonna get worse, so just wanted some advice from you lovely ladies out there as i know there are alot of other SPD sufferers on here! I'm self employed and was planning to start maternity leave in june anyway and wind my business down, but i'm just panicing a bit now it might need to be before then as working does make it so much worse. When did you all manage to work until, and were there any benefits available to you if you stopped early??

Also do you have any tips on how to keep mobile or is doing nothing really the only way? (she told me i'm not to walk or stand at all, not even doing to washing up!) i was originally going to start pregnancy yoga and aqua aerobics but will these make it worse?

thanks and any advice at all would be much appreciated...xx


  • hiya i suffer really bad from this too but im due on tues so hopefully the pain wont last much longer! dont hoover get your oh to do that. i wouldnt do aqua aerobics personally but swimming might help just gentle swimming tho. just dont push yourself too hard really otherwise you might have to stop work sooner. thats it really, i know its a pain in the arse but its all worth it in the end lol x
  • hiya - I totally sympathise - I posted some hints and tips before, will try to look for it and bump it up for you, someone else did too - so there is loads on here.
    I hate to tell you but I went onto crutches at 23 wks and had to stop work then! The only thing that really helps is rest hon - I have learnt from my own mistakes in that trying to do stuff in the house only makes it worse, then you pay for it for about a day afterwards.
    I would have loved to have gone swimming, but they recommend no breastroke so just on your back or crawl, but to be honest I figured the effort it was going to take me to get there and back would outweigh any benefits from the swimming!
    You can take stronger painkillers - see your doc. I take co-codomol (paracetemol & codiene) 2x8/500 during the day and 2x30/500 at night to try to help me sleep.

    I am using a chair when someone takes me out and about now, have been for the last month or so - makes a huge difference.
    I'm happy to help with any other advice - I know exactly how your feeling. Will try to find other threads and bump them up.

    take care

  • Thanks so much..i see the other SPD thread has been bumped up so i've had a good read through that and its really helpful. I am trying to sort things out as much as possible with my business now so i can finish earlier as need be, as have a feeling i won't last much longer! Thanks again.xx
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