what is spotting???

.. as i mentioned earlier...
ive discovered im bleeding at nearly 6 weeks of pregnancy.....

never had this before.... and some people have said the word spotting...

please could someone let me know what they mean .. how light is spotting?... mine seems to be quite heavy..ish...???????? confused and worried about MC....

also.. those of you who have had this spotting around this time.. how long did it last??

also.. did you have cramping? and lower back ache??

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  • I really dont want to worry you but ive had 2 mc's and they both started off with spotting followed by cramps and lower back ache, I would get seen by a doctor or midwife asap. Or go to a & e. I hope everythings ok for you xx
  • Spotting is just like light bleeding, I had it constantly until about 11 weeks.

    It isn't usually serious...but it is very worrying. I had 2 early scans because of it and I was just told it was normal for this pregnancy as the baby was fine!

    Try not to worry if it isnt heavy, just call the doctors in the morning and they might arrange a scan. But if it's heavy and you're getting bad cramps then plz go to a&e
    Philippa 25+6 x x x x x
  • When I had early bleeding I was told at the hospital that heavy bleeding is when you have filled at least two industrial sized hospital sanitary towels. All bleeding should be checked out though but bleeding cramping or lose of symptoms does not necessarily mean a mc I had all three at around six weeks and am now 29 weeks - I was convinced at the time I was miscarrying and it can mean you are - but it can just as easily mean that you are not. Hope you are ok, xxx
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