Hot water bottles and pregnancy!!!

Hi everyone,

I have been suffering with what I think is stretching ligament pains down one side of my bump and in my lower abdomen...the last two days my lower abdomen has been really painful, it feels like I have pulled muscles and hurts when I stand up, walk, sit down , lie down etc, lol!!!!

The only way to reduce the pain is using a hot water bottle...does anyone know if it can cause upset to lo...I know he either loves or hates it as he always reacts to it and starts to kick whereever it is placed...

I have googled it but I just seem to come across the no hot bath rule rather than hot water bottles...

Just don't wanna overcook the poor little bugger....image

Any ideas?



  • my lo is similar with how he reacts with the different foods i eat! i'm currently 28 + 4 so kinda at he stage when he can taste the differance with different foods. we've got an electric blanket on the bed which helps big style if i've got an achey back in the evening & i don't get any reaction from him! may send him to sleep!!! lol, best bet i think is to ask mw or possibly nip in to your local chemist, they might have some advice
  • hello, i've just googled it. I ahve read that using hot water bottles is ok for easing back pain. The babyworld website states that you can use it for stomach ache
    however, if in doubt give your mw a text/call to clarify it! xxx
  • Hiya,
    I have been using hot water bottle for back pain for my SPD but found that lo went mad when I used in on my abdomen! So instead am using those long wheat bags that you heat in the microwave coz I can place them around the bump and they work just as well across hips and pelvis and lower abs and I can place it exactly where the pain is!
    Hope this helps,
    Love Lee
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