starting to hate midwife

ive just been for another appointment with my midwife, although yet again she wasnt there. ive only seen her once, someone else once, and another one twice now.

im really begining to hate the one ive now seen twice, at my last appointment she took blood and damaged a nerve which i know is unfortunate but it bloody hurt for weeks and she really didnt seem bothered, we then 'argued' over my next appointment as i requested an early one and she said i had to have the next avilable one, only to back down when i didnt.....

then today she took my blood pressure, and somehow she pumped it up so tight that once again i was in agony, and its left bruising on my arm (im not joking....) which she just laughed about when she took the cuff off. she then asked for a urine sample which once shed tested she then gave back me to - why would i want it back?!?

i ended up just wanting to get the hell out of there, and promtly forgot to ask for my MATB1 form, or about anti natal classes.....which havent been mentioned once yet. im now 26 weeks isnt this the time for sorting these things out?!?

im really lucky and having a healthy pregnancy but seeing my midwife (or not as the case may be) is really starting to stress me out?!? do you think i could be seen by a midwife from another area, i really dont like any of the ones ive met so far, and dont feel im getting the kinda service i expected.

normally im sooo laid back about these things, but after every appointment ive had so far i could have cried as i feel so let down. theres no way id want any of them near me during labour or birth!!!

got to go back for bloods in 3 weeks which im now dreading, and normally i even volunteer to give blood but i jsut dont trust this lot any more! :\(

anyway sorry for the rant and ramble just needed to get things off my chest,


  • im not to keen on my m/w either.

    the doctor took blood out of me when she couldn't find a vein which hurt like hell. she did it recently at 28 week blood - no problems. byut couldn;t remember that i was the one who had been crying my eyes out last time. i think they are just busy and we're just numbers to them.

    going to her is a lot more hassel than its worth.

    she doesn;t keep my urine samples either, just dips in the paper and hands sample back. i dont think they are meant to keep it - it doesn't get sent anywhere for testing protein (whcih is what she is doing).

    dont let her get to you too much, she wont be the one at the birth (if your having hospital birth) so i wouldn't be worried.

    if you had any problems ring hospital and they can help rather than her thats is what i would do - hope this helps!

    kate x
  • Oh dear she doesnt seem very nice, I wont be meeting widwife for a few weeks yet and then it porbably wont be my regualr one as i am going to a different hospital. I do know that if you are not happy then you can request a different midwife and I would suggest doing this as it will make you and baby happier in the end and thats all that matters.
    Good luck

  • Ive not had a great time with my midwife, I havent seen her much but she is nice when I do and so are the others ive seen instead-its still annoying though because they dont know whats going on with me. Ive only had my bloods taken once so havent been checked for iron or anything like that (not sure if I should have been at this point though) I just know by my stage my sister had her blood taken a lot more then I have.

    As for the urine sample thats a bit strange in my opinion. My midwives have all just got rid of it. The last one I had tipped it down the sink and washed the tube out and gave me the tube back for next time (which to be honest I was glad of, Im always running round the midwives looking before my appointments looking for one and have been given one of the cardboard things before because they didnt have one-I dont like weeing in those);10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • This sounds awful, but the scary thing is you hear stories like urs all the times. Mw's seem to be treating pregnant women as things on a conveyor belt, and they cnt wait to ship u out and get the next one in. Iv bin lucky this time round coz there are quite alot of student mw training at my clinic so they are taking more time and examinations seem to be more thorough. However in my first pregnancy i hardly ever saw the same mw twice and i never asked half the things that i wanted to coz i felt i was been rushed in and out. May be there is a complaints procedure u cud go thru, short ov that many women unfortunately have to grin and bare it. Sorry about ur bad experience, Kerry xxx

  • Think the urine sample thing is pretty normal tbh. I always get mine back so I can reuse the bottle for next time. The rest of it sounds bad though, hopefully you won't have to see her again. xx
  • Hi Wilko, poor you! Call your GP - mine gave me my MATB1. Also, hopefully if you call the mw you'll be able to sort classes without seeing her again.
    Can you remember this one's name? If so, when you're making the appointment for the next time I'd just ask who it'll be with and if it's her, request another date. It's a difficult one cos you don't want to be marked up as bolshy, but this woman's leaving you bruised from a blood pressure cuff, which isn't normal, even if we do have more blood in our systems than we used to.
    Plan B, can you take anyone with you to the next appt? They might be less unpleasant if you're accompanied by a relative or friend.

    Personally, I've had 2 midwives and a GP during the pregnancy so far and they've all be great. However, I do think that it's very easy for people to treat pg women like crap and dismiss it as hysterical hormonal female when we complain. I'm sometimes aware that I'm a bit more sensitive than I used to be and my temper can flare, but it's no excuse for people taking the mickey.

    Take a friend next time, go in with a big smile, ask her to be gentle and DARE the witch not to be nicer.
  • I am having the same problems only mine are so unorganised as the proper midwife is on long term sick that they didnt ring me to tell me my urine sample was positive for nitrates and I needed antibiotic I went today for 28 week check and they have told me and sent me into doctor to get put on antibiotics, 4 weeks later! Thank god its not something more serious like pre eclampsia or something, maybe they would over look calling me back for that too!
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