hw long has it tuk yoos 2 concive after mc

hya i was just wonderin hw long it has tuk yoo guys to concieve after a miscarige answers plz x


  • Hi there, i ad a mc a cuople ov yrs ago in the November, and i conceived with my youngest in feb a couple ov months later.
    We wasnt planning on any more (i was on pill) but my body ad other ideas! now i av 2 beutiful girls aged 5 and 2 and expecting again.
    Gud luck
    Adele xxx
  • hi I had a mc new years eve 2006 and found out i was pg in feb that also ended in a mc had methatrxiate to end the pg as it was etopic was advised to wait for 3-4 months so the drug was out of my body.
    started really trying a gain in July done a test in Dec and am now due in august 2008
  • Hi ya,

    I had a mc in June last year and I was advised to wait one normal period before trying again. In the meantime we got engaged so decided to hold out on having a baby but like nezy my body had different ideas and I am now 6 weeks and due in September.

    Good Luck xx
  • Hi there congratulations. Sorry to hear bout your other losses,
    r u gonna find out wot ur aving? i think i am
  • cheers anymre anwers ? x
  • i had a miscarriage in very early pregnancy and the next month my period was late and i was pregnant!we assumed that it couldnt happen that quickly and it was such a suprise! but we were so happy!! it just goes to show that when your body is ready, it will happen!

    love grace and bump 29 weeks xx
  • thynk u 4 all ur answers keep thm cumin plz x
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