My Doctors are Useless

Gah, Im so annoyed. I got a phonecall last week from the hospital saying I needed iron tablets and that they were faxing my results through to my doctors so I should have a prescrition ready. So the next day rang my doctors and explained what the hospital had said and they said my prescription would be ready on Thursday-I also asked for a repeat prescription of gaviscon-which I was told would also be ready on Thursday.
I didnt get round to picking them up until today-when I got there I was told there were no prescriptions for me and asked what it was I was wanting to pick up, when I said Iron tablets the receptionist looked on my file and asked if I meant folic acid........I managed to stay polite but I felt like going into a rant about how if I meant folic acid I would have said folic acid and not iron tablets (Plus its pretty obvious Im passed the 12 week mark)
I had to give them the whole story on how I had gone to the hospital for my glucose tolerance test and they took my 28 week bloods at the same time and had got the call about a week later. She had another look on my file and said they hadnt recieved the fax from the hospital so she'd have to check with them first then give me a call.
Surely if they hadnt got the fax I should have been told that on the phone-they could have chased the hospital then and my prescription would have been ready. I also cant help but feel that its not the hospitals fault but my doctors since the gaviscon wasnt there either and when my sister was pregnant my doctors forgot to tell her that she needed the iron tablets.
Its not too bad as I cant buy both iron tablets and gaviscon over the counter, although I shouldnt have to as I should be getting free prescriptions (although Im not gunna bother now, its more trouble then its worth) but what happens if I need something prescribed that I cant just buy-are my doctors gunna be just as incompitent as they have been recently?
Sorry-it just winds me up;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png


  • i had something like that happen at my doc's, i went for blood tests and didnt hear anything back, when i went to see doctor 5 weeks later dr asked how i was getting on with iron tablets . and i was like no one told me i need iron apprantly the other dr forgot to ring me and let me no. anyways to cut a long story short dr's didnt have perscription in and sent me around aload of chemists etc only to be told they didnt have these damm iron tablets , so ended back up at dr's with differentiron tablets and folic acid !! apparently you now gotta take folic acid all through pregnancy. 6 weeks it took to get damm tablets!
    rant ova lol x

  • i can sympathise with you on this one, i've got the most useless midwife, every time i go she forgets who i am, then can't find my details and when i went for my results for the triple test she'd lost my results and had to ring another hospital to try and find them, when she couldn't get through she tried to retake my blood to send off again, but couldn't get a vein ( i hate needles! ) so had to go get someone else to do it., then she got through to the other hospital who had the results so i didn't need my blood taking at all.
    she also couldn't find the babies heart beat and kept saying 'oh dear i can't find her', not really what you want to hear, it just happened that she was tucked away.
    she has a wonderful nack of making you feel a complete jittery mess my the time you leave and i dread every time i have to go, luckily it won't be her that's at the birth.
    i just keep thinking i'm getting all the crap out the way now so that the birth will be nice and easy! good luck and try not to stress x x
  • lol sounds like my midwife, with my first i swear i used to come out of appt more confused then when i went in. she was like a whirl wind, rushing around , dropping things , sending me off with another pats notes, and kept calling me by another name etc etc .....
    ive got her again this time round but lucky im prepared for her, like you said lucy at least you dont get them for labour , that would be nightmare ! lol
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