Thought i had got away with it at 9 wks but god its kicked in with a vengence!!!! Morning, noon, night doesnt matter when. Help please, i am the biggest baby when it comes to being sick. Have tried just eating toast and ginger biscuits but still sick. What remedies have you tried and do they work? Only thing am happy about is didnt have this with my 2 boys - is this a sign? Am tired and desperate so will try anything. Awaiting your advice ladies x


  • This will sound very bizzare, but the only thing that stopped me being sick was sniffing vicks vapo rub! Discovered it by accident when I had a cold in the early stages. From then on I kept a tub close to hand for whenever I had those horrible waves of nausea.
  • although I was never sick...I didn't actually find any particular food helped. What I did find, was if I shot out of bed rather than get out of bed slowly I felt worse. My hubby is very good and goes to work before , so I get breakfast in bed something plain like weetabix or all bran really helped with a glass of juice. However, other people will say different things helped. If my kitchen ever smells of tea from the evening before it sometimes made me reach so I would other half make tea sometimes althought he does like to amke a fuss! I just tended to eat whatever i felt like even though it was junk alot of the time...anything so long as it stayed down. Ice cream was also good to me. xxx
  • Hiya ive not tried this myself but as i was reading your post i was watching LK Today and they was on about morning sickness and said to avoid the ginger biscuits as the ginger in it works but the sugar sends your sugar levels up and down so wont last long (Or something like that!) And instead to drink ginger tea and then have something with protien in it like oat cakes. Hope this helps! Sorr yhavent tried myself like i said but just heard it on telly!
    Hope your sickness goes soon!
    Mikayla xx
  • Hi

    I have had morning sickness since the day i found out but i found the only thing that works for me was travel sickness wristbands they take around 20 mins to work but usually feel fine after that

  • I work in Sainsbury's and we keep what I can only describe as granules of ginger. I'm on maternity leave at the minute so can't remember what they're actually called! Still got the pregnancy memory... They're in the aisle with all the little packets of nuts, seeds and dried fruit. In my store its the same aisle as the home baking but couldnt be sure if it's the same everywhere else. Could help you avoid the sugar problem like Mikayla3000 described.

    Also, I had really bad morning sickness up until 20 weeks, and loads of the ladies in work kept telling me it was a sign, you alweays get worse sickness with a girl. I ignored them cos I was so convinced I was having a boy but, you guessed it, gave birth to a gorgeous (albeit pretty big) girl!

    Just be careful to take plenty of fluid and if even that starts coming up get yourself straight to the doctor!!
  • Try the wristband - they can be really good - work for me not greatly but did ease it with baby 3 but he was a boy and wasnt as sick with him as I was with 2 girls. Maybe its a girl!!! I had severe sickness with both like you and it was morning noon and night. Be careful as if you start not being able to keep anything down - even fluids then you must seek medical advice. I got so bad with second and thot it was normal then ended up being admitted to hospital with hyperemesis gravadirum and being on a drip!!!

    Take care of yourself
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