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.... hiya.... hope your holidays are going well image

Unfortunately for me I started back on Monday, and I'm knackered already!

I've notified my HR dept that I'm intending to start ML at 38+6 - for financial reasons (I can only have 6 months or so off with bubs, so I want my time off to be on 'baby' side of EDD, not 'pre-baby' side). But I mentioned this to two colleagues today both fairly recently returned from ML, and they both think I'm crazy.

What are you ladies doing, and what have you done before, if you're been-there-done-that mums?

Thanks xx


  • Hia - I finished at 30 weeks. However, this was becuase of when summer holidays fell. mAternity technicaly leaves beginning of Sept when we go back. Saying that, I was really ready for finishing. I found the last few weeks very very difficult - and knowing how I feel now at 34 weeks I think I wouls struggle being at work now. HOwever,that's just me and I totally understand why you want to do it that way round.
    You kinda have to do whatever is best for hyou. What do you teach?
  • With Abby I worked until 38.5 weeks (beginning of Dec) but had a very good pregnancy with her. I'm officially working until 39 weeks this time but couldn't have done it without the summer holidays. I'm a lot bigger this time, have a 20mth toddler and am suffering from SPD and carpal tunnel. I am going back to work for 1 week in SEpt but couldn't do any more.
    I decided both times to give a late date as I could always go early if I couldn't cope but couldn't really extend my stay at work. Abby was 9 days late so I got 3 weeks off before her arrival and that suited me perfectly.

    H xx
  • I finished at 38 weeks and had DD at 39 weeks. I felt fine and had a good pregnancy. This time I am going at 38 weeks too (but may change my mind if acting head annoys me much more!) Like blondefriend having the summer hols has been helpful and in September I am not having a class but doing my management role, so not too demanding in terms of being on the floor with the kids and running round after them! (I teach 5 and 6 year olds). Ignore what other people think and do what feels right for you. If you have to go earlier then so be it, but it has to be your choice. People love adding their two pence when you're pregnant. I got all those comments first time and again this time too.
  • Hi,

    I'm planning on going on maternity at end of the autumn term when we break up for xmas, although like others here my maternity leave officially starts on the 5th Jan (I'm due the 8th) so will get paid for the holidays image. So I'll be 37 weeks when I finish. I'm desperate to go to that late for financial reasons although my head has said if I find it too much I can finish earlier. I'm just trying to make sure I'm really organised and plan lessons that involve minimal stress and movement from me.
    I've had comments too but I'm just ignoring them!
  • Like jellyfishpink said - people seem to think when you become pregnant that it is OK for them to make any comments they like!! I am fed up of the comments I have had because I am only taking 4 and a half months off (until it goes down to SMP) - you just have to ignore them and do whatever feels right for you!
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