what do i need?

well im 26+2 so thought i best get a move on and get things ready for splodge, thing is my mind has gone to mush and i cant think of all the things i need and how many :\? you would think id know with only having tegan just over a year ago :roll: what are the basics i need? and how many bodysuits etc do you think ill need? im not going to bother with outfits as we dont know if we are expecting a girl or a boy. any help would be great :\) xxx


  • cot/ cotbed
    pram/pushchair/travel system
    car seat
    moses basket/ carrycot

    baby monitors
    baby bath
    changing mat
    changing bag

    baby grows (at least 6 newborn and 0-3)
    vests (at least 10 newborn and 0-3)
    sleep bags/ gro bags
    hooded towells
    muslin squares (loads)

    baby wipes
    talcum powder
    cotton wool
    baby lotion/ oil
    shampoo/ cradle cap wash
    sudocrem/ zinc castor oil
    formula milk?
    room thermometer

    maternity pads
    breast pads
    disposable knickers
    dark towells

    hi, hope this helps
    this is a list of everything we feel we need, obviously everyones needs vary but u can use as a rough guide and adjust to suit u

  • im so glad u put this post i was gunna do it! lol i have been thinking about it too and my head is gone to mush coz i cant think of anything i need to get! i only had brooke 18 months ago! x
  • Oh thanks siany, that looks like a great list!

  • lol you're more than welcome, obviously things like stairgates and highchairs will be needed but not til later on.

  • No use to you but just wanted to say love that you call your LO Splodge, ours is called Lumpy!!
  • what a great list, thanks a lot. xxx
  • thanks for the list Siany image xxx
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