is it true?

is it true second time labour is easier/?:roll:


  • not sure but i hope so!

  • mine was BUT not all, my sis second was a nightmare, but as they say all pregnances/ labours are different.
  • Hell know mine wasnt much worse for me x x
  • ill just keep praying!! thanx ladies!!
  • hey ive only got one lo so i wouldnt know. but my sisters 1st birth was about 18 hours start to fin and her 2nc 2 1/2 hours from start to finish. so there is hope for you. i hope it all goes well image x
  • im hoping it is easyer lol, my first was over 48hours long so hoping this one will be quick,
    my sister had first after 10 hours and second after about 3 hours.

  • My first labour only lasted 3 hours, so I'm hoping for a quick birth this time round! I'm 39+6, so almost there! I'm one of four and my mum said her second birth was the worst of all, so I'm not expecting too much. XXX
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