Ways to make my baby move...

Anyone got any tips?
I'm 19 weeks and a bit frustrated with the lack of movements. I have felt a few 'flutters' but I'm not entirely sure that was it, I've got no idea what it feels like. I'm not skinny, I'm a size 14 so could that be why? When I listen to my doppler I can hear the baby moving all the time, its just not often I feel it and even then I'm not sure! Grrr! Can't wait to feel a proper kick!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:


  • hi tiger lily

    i was the same as you, v. frustrated. i got my first flutters at 25 weeks cos of placenta being at front. but to make your baby move give him/her a nice cold drink, some sugary sweets or go for a swim! theres lots more things you can do but i cant remember lol

    remember it depends how baby is lying, which way they are facing. i announced my first movement today in the dec forum and im 39+3! its the first time i could say omg thats his leg! and really properly felt the baby!

    ooh bath time is supposed to be a good time for kicks!

  • i find having a cold drink or something sugary helps make baby move, i also sometimes just give my tummy a slight poke and that makes baby respond,
    hope you feel more movment soon hun xx


  • try not to get 2 frustrated as soon ur baby will be keeping u up with the kicks and /or hiccups. i have tried chocolate (esp maltesers he seems to like them) and cold sugary drink like pure orange juice and ice cream gets him moving hope u feel more soon. ps its not coz of ur size as i'm a 16/18 and felt what u r feeling - just movements at ur stage u have just got to be patient and wait for him to get stronger and he/she will believe me


  • wait til you get to 35wks then u will be saying 'please go to sleep and give me a rest!!!!' LOL
    I'm very uncomfortable now, and people keep saying i look ready to drop yet i've got 5 wks left!!! uuuurrrgggghhh!!
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