oohhh what a cow!

ughhh jst a little rant about my college tutor!.. she has been so off with me since i had 2 tell them im preg (as we do body massage and indian head- im not allowed 2 b practiced on).. she is js so negative 2wards me, and i felt really ill this morning and asked if i cd sit and watch for 5 min as i felt ill, she looked at me like id just wet myself!.. and then jst turned her back on me!...its making me feel really awkward going!... i had her last year and she was fine with me, really nice, and chated 2 me a lot!..ii jst dont get it!.. im 22 and have 4 yr old daughter, so its not that she is disgraced at me as im not one of her 16 yr old students!.... i feel like ai shd mention it 2 my personal tutor,bt then im pretty sure she will tell this tutor wat iv said, and il dread going in!!..
any suggestions?.
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  • aww im so glad i had a reply like that! mks me more determined 2 tell my personal tutor!... its shocking!.. even my class mates have noticed, so i know its not jst me being a paranoid preg lady!..
  • Well..first things first DON't let it get you down. She's probably just jealous of you. The only thing with mentioning it your tutor would be if he/she does tell this woman then she's likely to pick on you more so. I personally would just ignore her, and not mention it, I'm anything for a quiet life sort of a person!! BUt each to their own and all that.

    Dont let it get you down.



  • ha,yea i did think 4 a sec that she may b jelous, as her hubbie just left her!... il see what shes likes in the week!.. i feel more confident now im preg, i have visions of me shouting at her!lol
  • i feel for you babe my collage tutor was a gem when i was pregnant with my first
    she let me work from home when ever posible, took work to the hospital for me when i was in for weeks on end. and made all the practiacal work as easy for me as she could x
  • what a cowbag. well i am all for standing up for yourself and i would go straight to her and have a chat and see if there is a problem. if that didn't resolve it then i would take it to my personal tutor. She is the one with the problem not you, dont let her take the excitement of your pregnancy away from you.

    Whatever you decide to do i hope it gets better for you.

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  • wow im so glad iv had more replies!.. she will b teaching me 2moro morning, so i will see what shes like then!... i shall defo have 2 say something!!!...
    kaytie yea i wont let her take away thye exitement of my pregnancy! now u say it like that, it makes me more determine 2 complain!!!!!
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