Spotting! Help

hey guys can you give me a bit of advice? im completley in the dark about this and really scared. I spotted some blood this morning and it was only a tiny bit and havent had anything since but dont know what it could be! had a look in my books but getting really confused. I am 7 weeks at the mo. Thanks


  • Hey, if the spotting was not accompanied by pain or further bleeding then I would put it down to implantation bleeding. It is when the ovum attatches itself to the wall of the uterus; it's completely normal. If you experience any further bleeding/cramps/nausea then I suggest that you go straight to your GP or EPU (Early Pregnancy Unit) so you can be checked out. I'm sure it's perfectly normal however and part and parcel of pregnancy!

    G.x (31+6)
  • thanks gemsie will keep an eye on it! really gonna start reading my books to make sure i know whats going on! good luck for the birth x
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