i think i'm going nuts!!

honestly i think i'm nuts!!! :cry:

so my first baby is due in just over 4 wks, and obviously i'm so excited and nervous at the same time! The problem i'm having at the moment is I dont want to let him out of my sight when he's here. I dont want other people picking him up, feeding him, changing him etc. I want to do it ALL.

My family are all for having my lo over night when he's a few months old to give me and oh a break, but honestly i cant think of anything worse!!! I want him all to myself!!!

am i the only one who feels like this???



  • aww i don't think ur nuts i completely agree, i really don't loads of people with their grubby paws all over my little man, however, i'm sure once he is here and i'm exhausted i'll probably be grateful for people lending a hand. and when he's a couple of months old i'm sure it wld be nice to get a bit of time out from being mum just so that u can feel like u again, don't know about the over night thing tho, maybe once he's at least 6 months....maybe, but defo not before.

  • no hun u r completely normal u will prob start to come round to the idear a few weeks after hes born you will b that tired u will b glad of the help
  • I'm pretty much the same. I don't intend on letting my lo out of my sight for a very long time. I'm also the same about some people holding him/her. With my Mum, Dad, Sis, MIL and FIL I think I'm okay... but anyone else, at the moment, I really do not like the idea. I will be deterring people from visiting if I can!!! LOL...

    However, MIL and FIL both smoke and although I used to... I've told him they both have to wash their hands etc...before touching our baby! I cannot bare the thought of faggy hands and mouths near my lo...

    I've not told anyone this as I thought they'd laugh or be offended. Oh and I have had a real battle getting this far so I just put it down to that, so the fact I'm not the only one to feel this way makes me v.happy!

    As Tinkerbell says, in a few weeks (after the birth), we'll probably feel differently!

    Until then, I think I'll be a bit OTT, lol...

  • i felt like this with my son who is now 11. the first few weeks were amazing then the tiredness hit! at 6 weeks i was crying out for a good nights sleep. rang my mum in tears and sge was more tha happy to take him for the night. i spent the whole night pampering myself with a hot bath, hot meal (as opposed to luke warm by the time i got round being able to eat it), pedicure and manicure, eyebrow tweeze, clean! pyjamas and then a good sleep. all the things that i hadnt had time for. it was bliss image
  • tbh the only person (other than my oh) that i trust is my mum- she only lives 5 mins up the road so its not like he'll be far away. i know i'd spend all night fretting if he was away.

    hopefully after he's born i will chill out abit
  • I feel the same too! And for me its different as i have one pair of hands and 2 babies... Im ok with my dh and my mum, but other than that the thoughts very nerving. Im sure i'll need the help/rest but i know i wont want to let go, i am bit of a controller (god i sound bad).

    I have bought tonnes of anti-bact hand spray and intend on spraying people on the way in, lol.
    Em x
  • You really won't know till it happens. My dd is 17months now, and she's never had a night away. I trust my mum 100% and I toy with the idea, but then the sickness feeling kicks in and I remember I can't be without her. We've all stayed round there and my mums offered me a lie in etc, but I can't even manage that. Once she's awake I don't want to miss anything, and when she's asleep I like to be there just incase lol. Either way you have to do whats right and works for you and your lo. Don't feel like you have to do something because thats how others do it etc. x
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