Low lying placenta -anyone else?

I had my scan 20 week scan yesterday and was told that the tip of my placenat is a bit low. I have to go back for a scan at 36 weeks to see if it has moved. The midwife told me that it was NOT placenta preveia and I don't have anything to worry about.
Has anyone else been told this and if yes, can I still exercise and have sex as normal? Midwife didnt tell me not too.


  • i had this with my ds and by the time i had 36 weeks scan placenta had moved up away from cervix as womb expanded. like you it wasn't placenta previa so it will probably move out the way!

    if it doesn't move you will need a c-section.

    you are fine to carry on as normal- only thing is you may not feel baby kick as much or as hard as placenta is in the way x

    Anna 19+1 x
  • Hi i had this too found out at a 16 wek gender scan (dont get a 20 week scan in scotland) anyways i was prepared for the worst as it was extremely close to placenta previa, had another scan at 35 week and everything is ok!! You can still carry on everyting as normal sex exercise etc but do watch out for bleeding image it should move as 90% of them do image


    37 weeks today
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