Sad, I know! but...

was anyone else slightly addicted to looking at their positive result on their stick. I know i should bin it now (and i will) but i still can't quite believe it and love to see the word 'pregnant' and the blue cross (yes i did a few - to be sure of course!) lol x


  • Hi I did the same as you. I kept my pregnancy stick and everytime i could i woulk at it. in total i done 5 pregnancy test. im now 20 wks and looking forward specially as i feel the baby moving around...
  • hey i have done 3 tests from few days ago and i still look at them every day!! i will never get rid of them til i feel pg at least!! xx
  • Im constantly looking at my tests! And doing more! Ive probably done about 12 now, thats sad! lol xx

  • Your not sad as i did the same thing with all three times ive been pg but more so with my first as i couldnt believe it as we had been trying for 2 yrs, its great isnt it that feeling you get lol
    vikki xx
  • Yep, i looked at mine several times a day. I did 3 in total - first one came up with a very faint pink dot, second came up slightly darker pink dot and the later one i did was a strong blue line. I kept mine for ages and kept looking at them!

  • I did two pregnancy tests, cheap chemist own ones. Im nearly 15weeks and still have them in my drawer. Dnt know why just didnt want to bin them, ha ha ha. Even though they were cheap ones the BFP are still nice and clear. Kerry xxx
  • i did 2 tests and kept looking at them for ages,now i look at my scan pics alot instead lol.

  • my sis has one son who is 6 and still has the pregnancy test sayin shes pregnant frm him lol so no some ppl just lyk it as a memento
  • i still av mine in my draw too i took 3 cHeap ONES AND CNT BELIVE I AM PREG
  • Hi you are definately not sad I have even still got the tests from my eldest who is 3 and youngest who is 14 months and have kept this one too! They still show just a bit feint and I have mad ekeepsake boxes for the girls and put them in there along with their cord clips and hospital tags.

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