Feeling Weird

Hi I'm new!! The ladies in TTC were v helpful last night when I thought I had a BFP (which I do... 4 tests later!).

Anyway I feel a bit strange down below. Not crampy but strange. Is this normal? I am only about 3 weeks preg.

Thanks and sorry in anticipation... there are going to be lots of these questions. This is my first xxx


  • Congrats!
    Its normal to feel a bit strange all over really! Cramps, sore boobs, feeling sicky, the runs, everybody gets all different symptoms really! Its also normal to not feel any different at all lol. Wishing you a very happy and healthy 9 months, and you are def in the right place to ask lots of questions! xxx
  • Thank you so much for replying. I can't talk to anyone about this and I feel like I'm going to burst!!!
    My nipples are agony!!! Prob tmi but I near screamed when a man bumped into me on the train tonight! Thats what made me think i was preg!
    Not seeing dr until Tuesday so a bit all over the shop!!
  • hi leaglebeagle

    i'm 4 week pregnant and have felt bad today, cramping, runs and headache and only found out on Tuesday !!!
    went to see the doctor yesterday who was no help and actually doodled whilst he was talking to me.... said the midwife would get in touch between 6-8 weeks but my tummy is jumping about, probably through nerves more than anything else....
  • God yeah mine were like that at first! Every time my 3 year old wanted a cuddle i felt like crying lol. Its a funny feeling isnt it, you want to shout it from the rooftops but also want to keep it all to yourself x
  • I did wonder if it was just nerves!!

    Just keeping fingers crossed it all goes well.

    Lillykitt we'll be due about the same time image
  • my EDD (check me out with all the jargon!) is 24th Nov, 3 days before my birthday... just hope this cramping doesn't hang around soon, thought that sort of thing was over now am preg !!!
    Am going to book a babybond scan soon, better than having to wait for midwife !!
  • So glad I'm not the only one to have tried to work that out. Mine is 28 November!
    Whats a babybond scan? Sorry all my realy close friends don;t have kids!
  • Hi

    If you google babybond, you can have a early scan at 7 weeks which is quite exciting.... they have clinics everywhere.
  • I didn't experience this but wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    I love hearing ladies get their BFP xxx
  • Thank you malkymum x
  • Thank you malkymum x
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