Hay pregnant ladies,
I went for my 12week scan yesterday, it was amazing. I never had a 12wk scan last time round because I had an early one at 8wks so I was dead impressed to actually see a baby and not just a blob. I have a very active baby it wudnt keep still while the sonographer was trying to take the measurements. My dates have only changed by two days now tho, from my A/F thought I was due on 30th june and now scan says 2nd July so I was pretty close. Still doesnt seem real tho, I think once my bump starts getting bigger it will eventually sink in. All this good news but unfortunately sickness hasnt died down. Kerry xxx


  • yay for you kerry! its cool seeing arms and legs isn't it! well done on dates lol its funny OH and i thought we were a week ahead but we were originally dated a week behind what doc said but then at 12 week scan baby had a growth spurt putting us where we thought we were originally fuinny how things work out. looks like my AF was a miscarraige of a twin tho as the baby was sat to the side at 7 weeks and after the realisation of no second baby the bubba shot up in size!
  • hi kerry - i had mine yesterday too (13 weeks). It was pretty amazing! our lo was doing some kind of head stand during the scan which was quite funny. My dates were bang on - but then, I could always set my watch by my cycle - it was always 28 days to the very minute so no surprise really. Am thinking that the next 6 months might go very quickly now!

  • I cnt wait for the next six months im going to enjoy this pregnancy so much more coz i know how much I will miss it wen im not preg anymore. I was given my date for 20wk scan while i was there (18/02/08) which isnt that far away, im so excited but its gona take me all my will power not to find out the sex of the baby. Coz i defo dnt wana know this time round coz it spoilt the suprise last time. Kerry xxxx
  • what i'd love to know is why we don't get a third to break the last trimester up. or why they don't space the 12 and 20 week up a lil.
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