Help with dating!

Oh my goodness I have so many questions and I've nly just found out I'm pregnant! Was just wondering if you ladies could help with dating how far gone I am! I came off the pill at the end of Jan and had my withdrawal bleed starting on the 1st Feb. Expected to come on again about the 1st of March and nothing happened, which I thought was just my body getting back to normal, obviously not! I did loads of test and they were negative, and did a test on the 7th March, still negative. Then for some reason thought I'd try again on the Wed the 11th, only to get a BFP! Have testd over and over again over the last week just to make sure, and the line just keeps getting stronger!!!
I am wanting to have an early scan just to reassure myself and am going to do this privately, but do not want to go to early, only to be disappointed!
So really ladies, what I'm asking is, how far gone am i????????????????



  • hi hun im not entirely sure but i think going by the dates u give me u are about 6 weeks ....when u miss ure period u r already 4 weeks pregnant as they take the first day of ure last period as the date BUT as this was straight after u finished the pill im not 100% i would make an appt with the doctor to see if they can confirm how many weeks ....congrats on ure bfp hun xxxxxxxxx
  • Hiya,
    Like chuffedbaby said - I'd guess you are arround 6 weeks, but it's so hard to tell with your last period being withdrawl bleeding. They will probably go off that date for now, but do a scan and work out your dates more accurately from that.
    Congratulatioons on your BFP!
  • Thanks everyone! Just keep worrying about so many things and am wishing my weeks away to get to 12 so can see the little bean!!!
  • i fell pregnant with my Lo whilst on the pill and they took my dates from last bleed (altho i know this isnt a real period) and she was 4 days early so couldnt have been far wrong,lol. saying that i never had a 12 scan either just a 20 week one!
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