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Hi, I'm 16 weeks today and for the past couple of weeks have been listening to baby's heartbeat on the doppler my hubby bought me - -wanted to put my mind at rest after 2 miscarriages last year and bleeding at 9 & 10 weeks this time. I'd got pretty good at finding the heartbeat but tonight can't find it anywhere. I'm not sure if this is just cos baby has moved (I haven't felt it move yet and this is my 4th), I am quite overweight and if it has moved higher it may be harder for the doppler to work through the fat. Does anyone know if this may be the case or should I be worrying? I see my midwife day after tomorrow for my 16 week check. That seems a long way off tonight. (Sorry this is long - -haven't learned the abbreviations yet!)


  • It can be really difficult to find the heart beat if they are not in the right position. Many midwives dont recommend them as they can give people a scare when they dont hear the heart beat.

    If your still worried speak to your midwife tomorrow.
  • I agree with Denise- you could try again later and prob would find it next time but if you've had lots of pregs then the 'best spaces' may have been used before and this baby could be attached quite low down or on the back wall making it harder to find. Try not to worry and I'm sure LO is fine- chances are def in your favour as risk of mc is less than 2% after 12 weeks and you're well past that!
  • Hi hun try not to worry too much as everyone says sometimes babys just not in the right position to hear the heartbeat. I had a check up with my consultant as 33 wks and she could find my babys heartbeat so did a quick scan and it turns out that baby was back to back with me so made it difficult! If you are really worrying then speak to your midwife and I am sure she will she you early to put your mind at rest. Tammi xxx
  • Thanks for your advice everyone, it was reassuring to hear what you all had to say. Think I did find it for a few seconds when I went to bed last night - -but will still be very relieved when I see the midwife tomorrow and she finds the heartbeat!
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