jelly cm??

i had a load of like jelly cm come out 2day eeek i know that my friend had this when she was pg. i am either just 8 weeks or 10. any one else had this?


  • hi have had this all thru and am 23 weeks tomoro, unpleasant i know, but i think its just normal! i think you only need to worry if it smells or if its a funny colour x
  • oh thanks it is not a normal discharge is like a huge piece of jelly
  • Hi, i found i had that at the start of my pregnancy every now and then! it worried me a little as i had never had it before and thought it was a bit strange lol but im sure its fine as it hasnt caused any problem with 27 weeks+2
    Hope this helps xxxx
  • yes i get it every now and then too makes me feel a bit better to know its normal!! i just worry there is something wrong all the time as i have no symptoms!! xx
  • Hi i get that every now and then, think its just another one of those pg things, strange but then arent most of them lol
    i didnt have any problems with it and the further i got the less it became.
    vikki 14 +3 x x
  • princess jane get in touch with your midwife as it sounds as though it could be your "show" or "plug" coming away which doesnt normally happen until your close to your due date. i think it's be best to get checked over. x
  • I think though if it was the 'plug or show' then wouldn't it be blood streaked or pink?

    I have had increased cm since I got pregnant, sometimes it is ewcm or white cm, but it never looked like jelly. I would get checked if you're worried xxx
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