Not sure what to expect for the booking in appt

Hi ladies,

Just wondering if anyone could fill me in about the booking in appointment with mw. Will I get to hear baby's heartbeat?

Thanks so much!! image


  • Hi there it depends on how far along you are as to if you will hear the heartbeat - I am sure I didn't hear my sons till about 16 weeks.
    The booking in appointment basically runs through your medical history and also your partners so would be a good idea to speak to him and see if there is anything that you should know. The midwife will also measure your height and weight, do your blood pressure and take bloods and then run through what will happen at future appoints. She will also refer you for your first scan. I am sure my booking in appoinment for my son took abour 45 minutes. When is your appoinment? I have mine tomorrow so could update this more then if that will help?
    Tammi & Ashton - 7 months
  • Thanks so much for that! Mine is on Tuesday so it would be great to hear about yours first! Hubby is going to come as he's really excited about EVERYTHING so that'll be good if it's all medical stuff.
    Chiara x
  • Sorry hun mine isn't tomorrow its on Monday - see baby brain is back already, lol. Will post when I get back! xxx
  • Hi mummyevans really sorry but I didn't go to my booking in appointment today as the snow is really bad her and didn't want to risk getting stuck with a 7 month old in the car!!!! Hope yours goes well tomorrow, let me know! xxx
  • Hi,

    At my booking appt which was at 8 weeks i just had to answer loads of questions about my medical/family history etc...I had my first lot of bloods taken and gave a urine sample.

    At 16 weeks I heard heartbeat...amazing! but hard to find until 11/12 weeks I was told by mw.

    Hope this is of some help

    Sazzle xx
  • Thanks Tamarabell and Sazzle! Sorry you couldn't make it to yours, sounds like you made the right decision though! I just hope I can get to mine tomorrow. Fingers crossed!
    Chiara x
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