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Which steriliser?

I am feeling totally overwhelmed by the amount of products on the market and have been struggling to decide what to buy. I've worked out the easiest is either electric or microwave but other than that, don't have a clue!

Just wondering which steriliser you are planning to buy, have bought or already use?

Would appreciate any advice, thank you xx


  • Hi
    We brought a Tommee Tippee microwave sterilser for my first daughter- who is now 14 months. We used it up until about 3 months ago when we stopped sterilising her things and just washing them all throughly and it has been fantastic. It came with 4 closer to nature bottles and a bottle brush and we have absolutely no complaints. Definately will be getting one for number 2- I guess we could use the one we have but they often have them offer when ASDA do their baby event so will get one then!xx
  • Hiya,
    we have just bought a tommee tippee electric steriliser from tesco. They are half price at the mo!
  • Hey lawso,

    I bought the Tommee Tippee electric sterliser from Tesco too, I think it was ??20 and a 3 pack of bottles was about ??5. They also have the Avent sterliser on offer just now as well :\)

  • I have always used the tommee tippee microwave steriliser with all my three babies and now with no'4 my mum is buying me one again lol!!

    I have tried allsorts over the yrs but def think TT microwave is best for me!
  • I have bought a tt one too as loos best on market!
  • I have bought a tt one too as loos best on market!
  • We bought the TT microwave steriliser. After a bit of an arguement! OH got advice from ladies at work (bad advice), that the Avent steriliser was the best, as Avent bottles are prone to leaking, the TT bottles were better. So on their advice he bought Avent steriliser and TT bottles. Of course the bottles don't fit! lol

    So I got what I wanted in the end! lol xx

  • Have also bought the tt microwave steriliser on the advice of the ladies on here. Mine came with 2 free bottles, bottle brush, dummy and tongues to get all the bits out with. It is on offer all over at the moment, i paid ??8.99 for mine xxx
  • Wow, that's wonderful, thanks so much for your help, it looks like TT microwave steriliser is winning hands down at the minute.

    Does anyone know if it will hold the medela 250ml storage bottles?

    Queenbee - I'd be interested to know, which do you prefer, the electric or microwave steriliser?

    Thanks so much xx

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