Have to have growth scan

I had my 28 week check up with the midwife today. Little man is fine but I'm measuring 32 weeks instead of 29 weeks! She's refered me for a growth scan on Friday at 9am. Can anyone tell me what will happen?



  • We have growth scans every 2 weeks for our twins. They will just scan and measure to make sure baby is growing OK and is healthy. They will probably also check amniotic fluid levels. I wouldn't worry, I'm sure all will be fine. Measuring your fundal height is only a guide really so please don't be too worried. If your baby is slightly big then they will porobably just book you in for another scan at 34-36 weeks to check again. Good luck on Friday!
  • Hi

    I've had a few growth scans now due to my hyperemesis, so I can tell you about them!!

    It's very similar to your 20 week scan -they measure the head circumference, the abdomen and the legs. If you have a look in your green book, you will see some little graphs which they will mark when they've done your scan.

    Also, if you can, have a look at the screen when they are doing it, you will be able to see the measurements at the bottom of the screen - with some of them, that's the only way I've found out!

    I would say that it's a much quicker thing than your other scans - I came away feeling quite upset the first time because I hadn't seen anything really - but the last one I had last week, at 36 weeks, you couldn't see anything anyway because she's soooo squashed up in there!!!

    Hope this helps - the only other thing I would say is that my measurements done by the midwife have been quite different to the scan ones because it's hard to get it accurate with a tape measure!

    Try not to worry about it - I'm sure it'll be fine!!

    C xx
  • i have to have growth scans with this one as my last baby was big. had one at 28 weeks and its head and body are a few days ahead but his legs are 2 weeks ahead of him! lol but his daddy is 6ft7! so i think he is allowed to be a little tall!
    they plot all the measurements on a graph got nect one at 34 weeks then 36 and 38 if htey let me go that long.
    then ur consultant will go through the information with you. and measure you etc. im measuring a week ahead of myself with tape measure..

    but they are nothing to worry about! xx
  • Hi Babychicken26

    I'm like you - at my 30 week check up my bump was measuring 34 weeks. I had already been told at my 20 week scan that my baby was big - on 97th centile for dates, and had my first growth scan at 26 weeks at which he was still measuring large (but on a normal growth curve).

    At the growth scans, like MrsButtons says, they'll re-measure the size of your baby but it will be quick and they may not even have the monitor pointing towards you. If your baby is measuring large for dates, particularly if he was normal sized at your last scan, they'll probably recommend you have a blood test to look at your glucose levels to check he's not growing fast because you have got Gestational Diabetes.

    But don't worry too much, they're being precautious and just making sure everything is going as it should be.

    With mine, he has been measuring large all along (partly I think because I am due a week earlier than they think - even my 12 week scan he was large!) although he is more than just a week out now! But they're not too worried as my glucose levels have always been fine. For me though, I also have low amniotic fluid so they're keeping a check on that - have to have weekly scans now. It's more likely though if your baby is a normal size and your bump measuring large that you'll have higher levels of amniotic fluid if anything, but I don't think that's any cause for concern.

    Good luck with your appointment and make sure you ask any questions if you're not sure what's going on.

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