biodegradable nappies

Hi all

Just wondering if anyone was thinking of using these or if anyone has past experience of them??The mw at the parenting class was saying today that they are much better for the environment and for babies as the liner is made from cotton wool and not chemicals xxx Laura (24+5)


  • Which brand are they? I will be using washables - have already invested in a Birth to Potty pack of Bambino Mios. For me and hubby regular disposables just aren't an option - they just fly in the face of all our environmental principles.

    However, we don't see the harm in biodegradable disposables for very occassional use (e.g. if we are out at a function or somewhere that it will be difficult to store and deal with the used nappies). We have bought some newborn Nature Babycare disposables to use when baby is born because everyone said the first poos are all tarry and difficult to wash out. But I confess I am a bit confused as to whether or not they are completely biodegradable. I have seen lots of things that says they're 100% biodegradable but then something else I read suggests that only parts of the nappy are 100% and that they are about 70% biodegradable overall. The ones I got say they don't contain the chemicals that ordinary disposables do.

    If you want to be truly green then washable is the way to go.
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