still no kick

i know my baby girl ok as seen on the scan but she faceing in towrods me do think that can feel her


  • how many weeks are you, we are 19 weeks and have felt nothing. xxx
  • i be 21 weeks on fri
  • it might still be too early, can you feel fluttering. xx
  • i didnt feel anything til quite late! it's obv just too early for u x
  • this baby is my first and i really didnt feel anything noticeable till after 24 weeks, and even then it was only from about 28 weeks onwards that LO got really active but i guiess everyone is different. i think half the time i just didnt know what i was expected to feel! xx
  • if baby if facing inwards and not looking out at bump then this will be why you cant feel movements!hope she turns for you soon so u can feel her xxx
  • Did you find out at your scan where your placenta is? That could also be cushioning the movements. I'm 22+5 and although feel movements daily some are very very light x
  • I read the same as hollysmum+bump... if your baby is facing your tummy, you might not feel her movements!

    She will turn eventually!

    Joo xxx
  • Hi hun

    My friend at work did not feel her baby kicking till 24 weeks and then it was only funny little feelings not really a kick.


    K xx
  • I felt kicks from about week 16 with my first and I was worried as I still hadn't felt anything at 18 weeks with this one. I had my 18 week scan and she said my placenta is at the front so that is probably why, and typically I have since started feeling a few wriggles! x
  • i felt kick early with this 1 i think its cos its my 4th i was bout 17 weeks with the flutterings and now she wont keep still lol is it your first baby? cos they say it can be later with your first baby and i think it all depends on where ur placenta is atatched im sure bubbas fine hun xxx tc im off to c midwife now yay not lol xxx
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