got back from gp...scared

just had appt with GP and she made appt for when im 8 wks to have booking in appt and to discuss things more in depth as im only 5 wks. she did scare me a bit,not her fault! but she said as im early she doesnt want to refer me till im 8 wks due to risk of miscarriage,not me as such but everyone in general. she seemed anxious that i get on and off cramping pain still as i said its quite strong,although i have had no bleeding.
she askedme to keep eye on it and felt my belly,i no she was just doing her job but now im worried ,god forbid its signs of me going to lose baby!. i hope not.:cry:


  • oh hun what a nasty midwife you have, it sounds like she's playing mind games with you. i know its their job to warn of possibilities and look out or whatever but they could be a bit nicer / subtler couldn't they.
    i had a fair bit of bleeding and cramps up to 8 wks with my lo, and he was fine...there are a few that don't go the way we want but tbh the majority turn out ok after bleeding and cramps cos its just stretching, sit back relax and don't read any mc stories!! good luck with everything hun xxx

  • thansk guys, it was my gp i saw and to be honest i dont think she meant to scare me,it was just her being cautious,and making me aware.
    it did scare me as i keep having these cramps,mainly at night for wks now,some days nothing at all though. i think was concerned with ectopic pregnancy as sometimes its one sided but mainly all over lower abdomen. i no she doesnt send for hosp ref till 8 wks with all patients so i didnt take personaly,it just now im worried that the cramps are to strong or they should have eased off by now.
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