Blood test results back -really stressing, need some advice

Hi girls,
Really sorry if this sounds a bit silly but i've got myself so upset over the weekend and need some advice.

I had my booking in appointment and blood tests about 2 weeks ago. On Friday night (typical it was Friday night!) I got home and opened my post. There were 2 letters from the hospital one with a letter saying they have made an appointment for me to be tested for diabietis on Thursday - which is very surprising as i am not overweight or anything and the other saying one of my tests hd been missed labelled and i have to get it done again. The form they sent through with this is called 'blood group and screen.' It might sound silly but i am terrified that this means they have found something terrible like HIV or something and are not telling me and want to retest my blood. My family say they would have called to make an urgent appointment or something if this was the case (they said i can go back on Thursday with my diabetis test.) Do you think they would have said if they were testing for anything bad or do you think i'm overreating? Its really, really upsetting me, i've been in floods of tears :\(. I feel perfectly healthy and all of this is causing me lots of stress - I have my scan tomorrow and all of this is just overshadowing what should be a really happy week. Does anyone have any advice?

Thanks Gem xx


  • Hi Gem,

    Your blood group screen is to find out what your blood group is just in case you need a transfusion at the birth. If this blood tube has not been labelled properly the laboratory wont process it, so basically that blood sample goes in the bin and you need to give another one. Dont worry about the glucose screen either as I think every time you get your bloods done, they test this, you might have just had something sweet to eat before this was taken, which can make it a higher reading, but can be completely normal.

    If there was anything wring with your HIV test they would have to see you in person to discuss this and wouldnt do anything behind your back.

    Hope this reassures you and try not to worry about these things, you will be kept informed of everything thats going on.

  • Agree with Denise...the blood group is in regards to having a blood transfusion. In regards to the blood sugar. I had my bloods done this morning and didn't realise I was being checked for my blood sugar as I only had a piece of toast for breakfast! Try not to worry about it. Some people just suffer with diabetes during pregnancy anyway. If you are still worried I would give your midwife a ring. xxx
  • Thank you girls,
    You really have made me smile now. I'm such a worrier but feeling much better now i know what they are testing for, i wish they had said this is nothing to worry about, they must realise that people are anxious. I really appreciate you advice and sorry of i sould like a crazy woman!

    As regards the Glucose Test - i went for lunch with my boss before hand and he made me eat sticky toffee pudding so after reading Denise's advice I holding him responsible for this one!

    Thank you soooo much girls, you've really hoped calm me down x x
  • Im glad you feel better, its such a worrying time for us all. Im in a slightly better position than most as I have some knowledge of all these nursey things.

    Iv got a book called What to Expect When Your Expecting and this is really good, especially when you feel something isnt right. So many web sites give conflicting information. I had no morning sickness at all and one web site said that I would probably miscarry!!! Im 32 weeks now.

    Good luck
  • Oh please please don't worry about having to have tests redone!! I Had mine done at 12 weeks, had to have 2 of the 4 redone at 16 weeks because the blood samples had clotted. Then I had to have one redone when I went for my scan - they weren't sure why but they said if even the slightest bit of information wasn't right then the blood lab just would refuse to test.

    That last one was my blood group - which in addition to what everyone else has said about blood transfusions, its also to check if you are rhesus negative - which I am.. and its not really that big a deal - one injection in the backside at 28/29 weeks and another at 34/35 weeks (lucky that one on Thursday!!)

    Regarding the diabetes test - it is possible to develop it in pregnancy, and weight has nothing to do with cousin had it and she's incredibally small and skinny!! Sounds like the toffee pudding probably didn't help that blood test for you though! I fancy some toffee pudding!!

    My mw told me that if any of the tests came back with problems I'd hear about it pretty quickly so it sounds like its just somethign messed up with your tests rather than a problem.

    Good luck at the scan and please try not to worry too much
  • Hi, I agree with Denise over the book "what to expect when you are expecting" by Arlene Eisenberg, Hedi E. Murkoff and Sandee E. Hathaway, it is absolutely fantastic and you can buy it on ebay for only ??8.99 which is pretty good considering how thick it is! Really puts your mind at rest, has lots of questions at every stage of pregnancy from mums to be so it is a great reference guide for worriers like us lot!

    Liz x
  • This book has been my bible throughout my pregnancy. I tried not to read about the different stages until I reached them as its easy to get confused about what is meant to happen and when.

  • Think i might have a look at that book, thank you. Denise you are right, there is so much info available with the internet and everything alot of which is contradictory and even wrong which can be so upsetting! I didn't have morning sickness either and i have read that somewhere too about mc, just what you want to hear you you are already a nervous wreck!! I think i was very naive when i decided to get pregnant, thought it would all be lovely scans and fluffy bunnies never expected to be caused so much STRESS!!! Part of me thinks our mums had it sooo much better not knowing any of this stuff but i guess these tests can save babies lives in rare cases. I know i need to calm down for the baby and deep down i know i'm being really really silly and i feel much better now. Thanks again for the advice, its really good to be able to speak to people that know how upsetting it can all be and medical knowledge is like gold dust!! Hormones eh??
    Let you know how i get on x
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