first scan after no symptoms....

and we have the most perfect little baby on board! I have been so stressed out these last few weeks having had very few symptoms if any and had convinced myself the worst would happen, but all is well! Bubs was fast asleep and every attempt to wake her was met with a little hand covering the face (just like Daddy!) and when we tried to get a front view, bubs turned its back on us (doesn't like photos like its Mum!)
Everyone has been saying just count yourself lucky for not having any symptoms, but I did not feel lucky at all! Now, I feel like the luckiest woman alive! So for all of you who are worried about lack of sickness etc. just enjoy the first few weeks with your baby! It is a very special time!


  • Thats really great news, and hopefully the little monkey will stay that placid once he or she is born too!!
    Glad it all went well for you xx
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