I'm crying watching hollyoaks! (First look on E4)
I don't even watch it that much normally.
Bloomin' pregnancy hormones!


  • Who dies? I've missed it!! LO wouldn't go to bed!! XX
  • Just remembered E4+1!! Haha!! Will watch it at 8 instead!!
  • Don't look if you don't want to know...


  • Oh god, that was all too harrowing for me.
  • And while I'm on it....

    When is bloody Roxy in bloody Eastenders gonna have her bloody baby???????!!!!!!!!!! She has been pregnant forever!!
  • Roxy has her baby prem in November so I read!! She hasn't been pregnant that long!! I been pregnant longer than her!! Mines not here yet!! Honey in eastenders was pregnant for about 25 weeks before giving birth to a full term baby?! Think they miss out 4 months of pregnancy!!

    I never liked Tina anyway........Giving her baby away, and then letting someone else think they were the dad!? Good riddance!! :roll:


  • Oh god I am still getting over it!!! I couldn't stop crying!!! It was well bad!
    Did Niall die in the end or is he alive? was his reflection in the window of the ambulance real or a 'ghost'?!?!?!
  • Niall!!! I don't know! I was too busy sobbing to work out what happened to him! (Even though I also didn't like Tina!) lol

    As for Roxy, God, I though she was pg for ages before me! obviously not!! November eh?? I thought they were going to drag her our for a xmas special!
  • I want to know about the reflection of Niall I saw... dead or alive??
  • I noticed that!! and most of them landed still tied up!! hilarious!!
  • Niall is a strange one cause I actually really like him, its really confusing. you love him and hate him at the same time. I hope he isn't dead and secretly keeps in touch with myra or something!!!
    Oh and whats gonna happen to poor newt now jack's found out?!?!?!? Poor Lad!

  • I'm soo glad i wansn't the only one blubbing like a baby at hollyoaks tonight!! Had to hide the tears from my oh, cos he already thinks i'm way too hormonal at the mo!!! Have had lots of tears this week- Its been an emotional one!!

    And ur soo right honey in eastenders wasnt preg for long at all with her 1st baby, i only know cos i was pg at the same time with my 1st, and was gutted when she had her full term baby months before me!!! LOL if only we could be pg for as shorter time as in the soaps!!!

  • I think Niall is alive. I read somewhere there is soon to be a late night special involving him, steph and a cliff??? don't know if its true tho.x
  • i thought i read that niall is dead in one magazine but dont know now. had an idea it may be Tina or Mercy. the bit where jacqui leaves her mum was a bit rough i thought.
    i love hollyoaks and have to admit at times even dh asks whats going on.
    Filo x
  • oh i cant handle anything at the moment that involves a child's mother/father dying, its just so cruel and it has me in tears, i know its not real but i cant help it xx
  • Oh my god I love hollyoaks I was glued to the tv and had a lump in my throat when Tina died, I was totaly shocked though I thought Niall died!! He defo leaves, but it says in mag he leaves in November, maybe he doesnt die after all!!

    OH wanted to curl up and cry he hates Hollyoaks yet I make him watch it every single day lol

    Lyns xx
  • lol. i didnt watch it properly, in hospital. boring long story..... but anyway. my oh too hatess it butdid tell methat mercymarries malachi.omg
  • loving hollyoaks at the moment,jus thinkin how can niall survive after that big statue falling on him!LOL! did see his reflection on the car window....wondering what thats all about???glad jacki and merci survived coz they make hollyoaks watchable with their cheap attitude!LOL!funny!

    forhana xxxx

  • yeah i was crying watching it as well, of all of them to die why did it have to be her. x
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