do you know what sex your baby is?

Im coming up to 10 weeks pregnant, and since I have found out I just have a feeling that my baby is a boy. I had the same sort of feelings when I was pregnant with my daughter and I was correct.

I keep referring to the baby as 'he' and not 'he or she'. I would love a boy as then I would have one of each but as long as the baby is healthy, thats fine. I just hope that if im wrong and its a girl, Im not disappointed.

I know its sounds a bit 'kooky' but I have a gypsy friend who told me that I would be pregnant with a boy by the end of the year. This was months ago, way before I was even pregnant!

Did anyone of you 'know' in previous pregnancies. or if its your first, do you think you know?


  • Hi mummyagain09,

    I just had 'that' feeling that i was expecting a boy and i was right,so wasnt that surprised at my scan,lol.I had hardly any sickness,just felt sicky at teatime,and my workmate who was pg at the same time was really sick and it turns out that she was expecting a girl.

    Are you going to find out the sex at your 20 week scan?

    Take Care,

    Carrie 38+5(9 days to go!)
  • Hi there,
    I am convinced I am having a boy - I will let you know if i am right, after my 20 week scan - which is on Friday!
    I hope i am right - as I can't picture the baby as a girl at all! (at least i'd have the next 20 weeks to get used to the idea!)
    Good luck,
  • my husband and I have discussed finding out the sex at my 20 week scan, but we've decided to wait until the birth so it will be a nice surprise. I am just hoping that at my 20 week scan, it isnt obvious what it is as I think I would be disappointed to find out when I didnt want to.

    My hospital no longer tell you the sex unless you pay ??100+ for a special scan. Some of the other hospitals in neighbouring towns are doing the same. Apparently, they had seen an increase in abortions in the area as women wanted a particular sex and when they found out it wasnt, they terminated - absolutely shocking.

    I had a dream that I had given birth to a boy even before I found out I was pregnant, so who knows? my mum said that boys are easy but my daughter has been an absolute joy, so Im not knowing what to expect!
  • We don't know what we're having but everyone is convinced it's going to be a boy. It's been causing far too much trouble to be a girl :lol: I originally thought I wanted a girl and dh wanted a boy but the more people tell me they think it's a boy, the more I get used to the idea it might well be & now say he instead of he/she - suppose we'll find out in a few weeks image

  • I have a feeling I am having a boy but then people also guess don't they! I don't think i will mind either way but we're not finding out so i will have to wait!!!!! I do keep referring to the baby as he though only because it sounds awful saying it!!!!

    by the way what does dh mean?
  • dh= darling husband
  • ooh i have one of those!!!! thank you image
  • we have decide to have a nice surprise in july too. we don't mind what we have, i'd love a girl but boys are good fun so really in middle ground.

  • hi, i didn't have a clue wether we are having a boy or girl until they told us at the 21 week scan that its a boy. however my OH from the very start of the pregnany was certain that we're having a boy, not that he wished it was a boy but he said all along that he knew we're having a boy, and he was right.... mind u saying that, i suppose there is still a little bit of a chance thet he shows up as a girl lol

  • i have 2 girls and would love to have a boy but as long as its healthy i dont really care im gonna find out i waited with the first 2 but im impaitent and want to find out this time xxx
  • hi,

    i knew from day one we was having a boy.... me and oh had lots of debates about it, he was sure he was a she!!! but when i had my 21wk scan we was told my lo was a boy.... ohhh how i rubbed it in his face : )

  • When i was pregnant with Emma i knew from the moment i found out that she was going to be a girl-so much so that i ended up really wanting her to be a girl because i had such a strong feeling that she would be and so when i found at my scan i wasn't surprised at all and quite relieved :lol:
    This time i again had a feeling that baby would be a girl but my husband was convinced that it would be a boy-i think more because he does want a boy at some point, he picked a name for a boy and everything and he almost convinced me that baby was a boy but again when the scan came and we found out baby is another girl i wasn't surprised at all but i think my hubby may have been! :lol: He doesn't mind at all though and is very happy we are having another girl.

  • well i am afraid to say i was convinced i was carrying a boy! but i was wrong i have a pink bump! xx i was very surprised

  • Since day one i always thought i was carrying a boy, don't ask me why as all i can say was i had that 'feeling'!!!! At the 12 week scan hubby said he thought it was a girl. Anyway, we just had a private scan yesterday evening and found out the sex........ its most definately a boy!!!!! One for mother's intuition methinks!!!!!! image image image

    Suzi 27+1 xxxxx
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