braxton hicks, help?

hi all

bad night last night kept getting the most awful belly ache/cramps. was wondering if this could be braxton hicks? im 26 weeks pregnant is this too early?

what do they feel like?




  • Hi Kell, its not to early for braxton hicks, I ve been getting them for the last week or so too. Feels like a tightening across your bump almost like little cramps. Hope this helps, if you are at all worried though speak to your midwife.
    Tammi xxx

  • Hi Its definately not too early, I am only 21+4 weeks with my third and have been having them for a couple of weeks now and quite strong ones too but I think I am prob extra aware as I went into early labour at 33 weeks with my youngets and had her at 36 weeks and been told this one will come early too.

    My mw did actually say to be that most women do have them earlier than they actually realise and the more pregnancies you have the earlier you may feel them, its very similar to feeling movements that the more pregnancies you have the earlier you feel them. I will say that its not the same for everyone though the same as everything.

    Hope this makes sense.

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