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Back from scan. My bean has gone.



  • im so sorry hun, i dont know what to say except what i wish someone would have said to me when it happend so here goes, this is not your fault, nothing you could have done or even thought would have changed it and awful as it is these things just happen. its probably one of the worst things a person can go through n if ur oh doesnt seem like its affecting him like its affecting u then remember he cant physically feel it happening and doesnt have the hormones rushing round him! we r all here if u need a chat take care xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • So sorry for your loss, thinking about you and take care.
    vikki xx
  • sorry for your loss huni thinking of you and your oh at this sad time take care

    emma xx
  • So sorry to hear that, take care of yourself, hope you'll be back soon.
    Em x
  • sorry to hear of your loss in my thoughts take time to heal xxx
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