Feeling down!

Sorry to sound like a moaner on Christmas Eve but just feeling rubish at the moment. Don't know if it's just because it's Christmas and won't see my family other that hubby and mum-in-law.
Now 11 weeks but not felt pregnant since about 6 weeks. Got 12 week scan next Thursday and really worried, convinced they will say something is wrong but don't want to say anything to OH as don't want to worry him.
Really off my food so not looking forward to Christmas dinner tomorrow and can't even drink to make myself feel better!! Oh and also had a cold for the last week and a half that I can't shift!
I'm depressing myself even more by writing this so think I better stop!!!
Roll on next Thursday........


  • Hi LindsGrey - don't feel bad about feeling bad, we all felt like that before the first scan. Your pregnancy doesn't know it's xmas. Best of luck for next week - it's hard when you are feeling down but sometimes you feel unexpectedly happy and up as well! Hope you feel better soon, xxx
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