No heartbeat at 6+1

Hi, my lmp was 30/10 so I thought i was about 11 wks. I had very irregular periods, 5-9wks apart, so was told by my midwife my dates would prob be wrong due to this. I went for a scan on the 21st as i had a bit of spotting and was told the i was 6+1 and that there was no heartbeat but the baby and sac were still in tact. I have to go back on the 31st to check for any change. They have told me not to be positive as chances are this is a non viable pregnancy and i would prob mc. I'm such a mess as i cant take this in. I've had 3 healthy pregnancys before, i have had no other bleeding or any pain. Please help as i just dont know what to do! Thanks Emma

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  • I can't help I'm afraid but I wanted to offer my thoughts and support x
  • hi this happened to me also, but it ended in good news!

    i had some pains in side when i thought i was 8 weeks, was sent for scan to check for ectopic pregnancy, which showed the sac etc in womb, ruling out ectopic pregnancy, but they also said there was no heartbeat and there should have been at this stage.

    i also have quite irregular periods and it had been 8 weeks since my last so thats all i had to go on.

    i was then to wait 2 weeks to go back for another scan, having been told it was very likely that id had a mc.

    i went back 2 weeks later after the longest hardest fornight ever, to see a wee heartbeat. they reckoned i was only 7 weeks at second scan meaning i had only been 5 wks at first scan which would explain no heartbeat.

    this also meant that i was only 3 weeks preg when i had my first positive result, which is early!

    i am 23 wks tomoro, and dates match up so far to confirm i was just less preg than i thought.

    so this may also be the case for you.

    i know this isnt always the case, but just wanted to say try not to get too down about it cause there is still hope, also there have been girls on here with even more of a gap of what they thought and how preg they actually were x

  • We're here for you. Please let me know how you get on.
  • I hate it when docs do that!!! Saying not to be too hopefull cause there are chances of miscarraige. I'm not saying encourage people to think they are fine when we all know it could happen. But there is no reason what so ever to say it might be a MC.What is he basing that on? Everyone is different and sometimes the heartbeat cant be seen or heard. Especially when it's so early. Dont get yourself down!!! Think positive and hold thumbs. Don't think MC...

    *tutt* bloody doctors
  • i had a scan with my lo at 6 weeks as we were unsure whether i was 12+ due to irregular periods, 1 was only 6+3 and her heart beat was very weak and irregular the docs told us that we were likely to mc in the next week. went back for a scan the next week and bub was still there and heart beat was perfect we cried and told the sonographer wat the doc had told us the previous week and she said that was ridiculous to worry us like that as heart beat can normally start being detected from after 6 weeks & some cases not till 7! My daughter is now 2 so don't give up hope yet ur earlier than thought and only just 6 weeks could all be fine at next scan....was 4 me!
    Good luck honey.
  • Thank you all for your advise, its all been great and has made me feel much more positive about it all. The reason they were so sure bout it been non viable was due to my dates being so different to the size of the baby. This next week is going to be the longest ever but hopefully it'll be worth it. Thanks. x
  • i have got a scan next fri 1st feb. I got a positive preg test 12 jan and my last period was 28th Nov so i thought i was 8 weeks and a few days but i went for a scan as i has pains fri 18th and she thinks i was only just 4 weeks as there was a sac with a little dot in it. I was then told that I have to wait 2 weeks to see how it has developed. That means I got a positive preg test at about 3-4 weeks which I thought was not possible that early unless I was due a realy short cycle this month.

    Let me know what happens at your scan and I will keep you posted.
  • Hi guys, im in the same position. Been told mine might be non-viable. Foetus is growing but very slowly. I have a scan on Tuesday so im hoping for good news. Ive heard of someone getting positive test after 8 days! Everyone is different. Good luckxxx
  • Try not to worry hun i had scan at nearly 7 wks they could see no heart beat at all went bk at 8 wks and there was heart beat she shouldn really said what she did cos its early days gud luck x
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