when after conception can i test?

i have only had my son 8 wks ago but i had a accident and it will be two weeks sat since that time, i havent had period yet so obviously cant test based round when would of been due on like i did before so does anyone no when it will be possible to accuratly test?


  • i think its 2 weeks after, but im not 100% sure on that xxx
  • If your cycles are normally around 28 days, then it's roughly 2 weeks after to test. Like kef120 said, first response tests are good for early testing x
  • It should prob show up now. Implantation occurs around 6-12 days after conception and the you have to wait for hcg to build up fo it it show up on a test.

    Hope you get the answer you're looking for xx
  • well as i had a test in bathroom from when i tested with my son i decided to use it, it was negative,however it was 10 days after accident so maybe it was too soon? i think if i dont come on by sunday i may do again as this will be 14 days,or should i just wait till 21 days?
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