Dummies, I'm confused!

Good evening ladies, hope every one is having a good bank holiday weekend.

I am trying to make sure that I have everything all ready for lo's arrival (only 30 days to go image ) and I can't decide what to do about a dummy. I don't like them very much, I hate seeing toddlers with them and all being well I will be breastfeeding again so the advice is not to give one to start with any way. Millie never had one (although we did try a couple of times when she was very unsettled) so I have never planned on using one this time

BUT the latest research suggests that settling with a dummy might cut the risk of cot death so now I am all confused! Baby will be in with us for the first few months, in a cool room, nobody has ever smoked in the house (it was only built last year lol) and he'll be going down on his back so the risk of SIDS should be pretty low anyway, but what would you do?

Cheers girls,
Kerry xx


  • Hmmm! Are you planning on breasfeeding? I've read you shouldn't introduce a dummy till breastfeeding is established :\? Not sure what to suggest as this is my first so I don't really know myself yet!! I know the orthodontic types are the best, I got a pack of Tommee Tippee closer to nature ones the other day just in case I do decide to use them....
  • I'm packing a couple of dummies in my hospital bag. you never know what kind of baby you're going to get and they might be quite unsettled even after feeds. Just because they have them as newborns doesn't mean they'll have them as a toddler.

    At the end of the day dummies can be taken away by the dummy fairy, but thumbs and fingers are attached for life!!


  • You see I think I just got lucky with Millie lol she never had a dummy, but she never bothered sucking her thumb or fingers either!
  • I know what you mean, not particularly keen on dummies either but don't want to ignore the cot death research... I plan on waiting until lo is a few weeks old so as not to interfere with breast feeding, then use a dummy but only to settle the baby to sleep. But I don't know if it will work out that way, when it comes down to it I'll probably have a couple ready just in case and see what happens!
  • To use or not to use......that is the question!!!

    I personally don't have any problem using a dummy - up to a certain age. I've been very lucky with all of mine in that by 12-18 months, they were using em only for bed and by 2yrs they were totally weaned. Some babies do fine without them, and settle well etc but some babies are natural sucklers and a dummy does come in handy. A friend of mine refused to use a dummy - she said 'if you can't comfort your baby, your not a good mother'. Now, I'm sorry, we all have our opinions but sometimes, there are those babies that just can't always settle, no matter how much comforting and jiggling you do and I'm sorry, but if a dummy calms them and gives them (and you) some peace, then is it truely a bad thing?

    I think, basically, its a personal choice for both you and ur baby. Just don't stress about it if u use one - there's a misplaced stigma on dummies just as there is on breastfeeding....just know you are doing what's best for YOUR baby xxxx
  • Cheers for the opinions, I think the thing that is bothering me is if the baby doesn't want a dummy (as Millie didn't) do I force one on him because of the cot death thing. It seems stupid to insist on him having one when ideally I'd prefer him not to, but I'd never forgive myself if he didn't have one and anything happened. AHHHHHH why are babies so bloody complicated?
  • I got a couple in 'just in case' with my last 2, but as they were breast fed and I followed the advice not to introduce a dummy too early, by the time bf was established they wouldnt take a dummy! Neither sucked their thumb, altho my dd does suc her lower lip (to the point where it gest chapped sometimes). I dont think you should try and 'force' one on your lo. And anyway, if they dont want one, they wont take one! lol! But maybe get a couple in ready, and if he is a 'sucky' baby and unsettled you have it ready. x
  • Was chatting to my mum earlier about this, I was breastfed and wouldn't accept a dummy.... apparently I went from the breast to drinking from a lidded beaker cos I wouldnt take water from a bottle either. Something to do with breastfed babies :\?
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