i2i Maxx pram - dimensions??

Hi girls,

Hubby and I are looking at buying the i2i Maxx travel system combo from Babies R Us - but we can't find dimensions for the folded chassis anywhere!!! Does anyone have one of these and could give us a rough idea of the size of the chassis when folded up??? Tis the length that is causing the sticking probems for our boot!!!


Sarah (22 weeks today!!)


  • hi there, sorry i dont no what they are, but i do no i have tried to buy that pram from two stores and online and they are out of stock, and they dont reserve. bit gutted as i really want that pram too, could you let me no what dimensions are though?x
  • ah right dimensions, got ya! ha! i went to the store and it is very lightweight and folds down same size roughhly as the quinny buzz.....if that helps!
  • I have one all packaged up I will try and get oh to measure it later for you.

    It does fold completely flat as you can take all 3 wheels off on a quick release. But its not an umbrella folding type.

    When we purchased ours from babies r us in Stoke the car seat came free and she gave us another ??10.00 voucher off the price.

    Sara 33wks
  • Thanks for the replies girls!!! We went to Babies R us today and measured it - at almost 110cm, was far too long for our car!!! But have found an even better one - see my other posting about Mothercare pram!!!!
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