;\);\);\);\);\);\)How does every girl feel once you start to feel your little one in there I know that for me Its a onderful feeling I wish I could feel him all day long..... I am now 27 weeks..... and 1 day pregnant we cant wait to have him in our arms....


  • Hey,
    i thought it was great, even with my 2nd it still felt amazin!
    such a wierd and wonderful feeling. But i wish so much my partner could feel the same feeling. i know they can feel from the outside but it isnt the same is it!? x
  • i absolutely love it. i am 30 + 4 today and although it hurts sometimes (ribs!) as baby is getting bigger i always wish he/she would move even more, and i have a very active baby! it's such a special feeling and as said one only we can experience. i also think it helps me bond with my baby as its a special thing between just us two! It's just not the same for my oh to feel it on the outside i don't think, and it's a shame as i would love for him to beable to see how it feels.
  • Aw its an amazing feeling isnt it!
    I totally loved feeling my baby move and miss that feeling like crazy!!

    Sharon x

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