Abdominal pain


I keep getting lower abdominal pain, I've phoned the midwife and she said that its probably just stretching muscles and nothing to worry about. Does anyone else get this from time to time?



  • Hi there l get abdminal pain nearly everyday but it doesnt last long the mw told me the same thing but if anything felt different dont hesitate to fone the hos just for peace of mind.


  • hi
    i had this from around 6wks (it felt like period pain & was told that if i feel anything worse than that then to go hospital - but this was probably due to eptopic pregnancy) it is normal so i am told! (its my first so dont really have a clue & panicked when i first felt the pains)
    how many weeks ar you lolly??
    gem xx
  • Hi Lolly,
    Iv bin getting abdominal pain since I was about 6wks, it mainly occurred wen i stretched or twisted or sneezed/coughed suddenly. In fact only yesterday a sneeze snuck up on me and the pain that shot thru my tummy brought a tear to my eye. All is fine with my baby tho and u shud only be worried if uve bin bleeding as well. Uv body is doing alot ov changing to accomadate ur baby so it can only be expected that u will get aches and pains. Kerry xxx

  • Hi Girls

    thanks for getting back to me. I'm 18 weeks and it started around 16 weeks, not every day but occasionally and I just try to rest it off but today seems to have lasted a bit longer so panicked a bit!! I just keep telling myself that its only 2 more weeks til my next scan to put my mind at rest. I havent had any bleeding but havent really felt the baby at this stage either so makes me worry more!!! This is my first and I suppose you are right my body is going through big change, I just cant help but worry. thanks for all your reassurance though.

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